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Samstag, August 1, 2015

AGIROSSI produces for its customers highliy polished pneumatic cylinders in stainless steel

AGIROSSI produces special pneumatic cylinders with special requirements such as: stainless steel cunstruction with carbon guide rings and magnetic tape! Polished finish.

Cylinder data:

Piston: ø125 mm
Rod: ø32 mm
Stroke: 200 mm
Closed length: 430 mm
Attachment: thread on both sides

Mittwoch, Juli 15, 2015

Cylinder for grippers in machines


Cylinder data:


Piston: ø70 mm
Rod: ø50 mm
Stroke: 335 mm
Closed length: 600 mm
Attachment: spherical plain bearing on both sides ø40 mm

Montag, Mai 4, 2015

Update Configurator:

The DWMI series (welded cylinder with integrated transducer) is now online configurable with prices and CAD.

Click here for the configurator:

Additionally the series Mikro-Z, DWM and single acting telescopic cylinders were also updated.

Mittwoch, April 15, 2015

We present our configurator at the seminar for supply and cost calculations in mechanical engineering at the VDI.

The seminar will take place from 05.05. – 06.05.15 and shows methods for short and quick calculations, project and revolving calculations. Shown are ways to improve quoting and order processing through standardization and configuration.

Requirements, conditions, criteria, guidelines for selection and application of appropriate methods and systems are presented. Additional information and tools to facilitate the application.

Content of our presentation for the product configurator for industrial and mobile hydraulics:

  • product variance
  • web-enabled configuration of hydraulic cylinders
  • internet and in-house use
  • CAD integration
Mittwoch, April 1, 2015

Update Configurator:

The configurator is now available in spanisch language!

Montag, März 2, 2015

Compact cylinder under extreme conditions!

This cylinder is designed to hold tension for machining marble and granite in sea air environment.

With Q.P.Q. treatment and seawater-resistant coating and a rod of especially seawater-resistant stainless steel, it is well prepared for work in marine environment and marine water.

Furthermore, the cylinder is equipped with a bellows at the rod against marble/granite dust and an inductive sensor.

Kolben 25mm, Stange 25mm

Piston: 25mm, Rod: 18mm

Donnerstag, Januar 15, 2015

New configurator now online!!

It feautures a remastered and improved design, improved Login, improved CAD preview, printing possiblities and more.

Here you can find the configurator:

Hier gehts zum Konfigurator!


Samstag, November 1, 2014

New configurator in progress!

It will feature a remastered design, improved Login, improved CAD preview and more.

Expected release January 2015.


Hydraulic cylinders with an integrated position sensor are more demanded!

As quality manufacturer Agirossi uses here mostly MTS sensors.




New update of our "Cofigurator / CAD"

With immediate effect, CAD data for double-acting telescope cylinders can be configured.


 To the configurator


MIKRO-Z also available with adjustable reed contact (end switch)

                                            "Of course as Mini"         





Picture: piston 12mm, rod 8mm

Dienstag, Februar 25, 2014

We are very proud of our Mr. Benedict Klein. He has finished his trainee to become a cutting machine operator with focus on rotating.


With immediate effect, Mr. Klein is available as full and competent technical force at your disposal at Company AGIROSSI.


We are delighted that he has decided to continue his further career with us. Thus, the number of skilled workers trained at our company grows again.

Freitag, Oktober 25, 2013

New! Updated ISO 6020/2 catalogues are now available to download

From now on also available in english language!

New ISO 6020/2 download

Freitag, Juli 26, 2013



Mittwoch, April 24, 2013

NEW! DWM - Welded cylinders are with immediate effect with price and CAD model online configurable!


The series DWM of the double acting hydraulic cylinders was designed to be inexensively used for light and medium tasks.



Freitag, März 1, 2013

NEWS of March 2013!

"AGIROSSI equipped 36 concrete tilting tables (dimensions: 20m wide) with aggregates and telescope cylinders"



Our customer focuses on quality and thus logically to AGIROSSI!

Freitag, November 16, 2012


DWM - Welded cylinders to 210 bar are with immediate effect available to download. download

Mittwoch, Juli 4, 2012, we are proud of our Mr. Viktor Gideon who has excellent finished his apprenticeship to become a cutting machine operator with focus on rotating.

In addition, Mr. Gideon has achieved best results at the welding test in the area MIG/MAG and WIG.

With immediate effect, Mr. Gideon is available as full and competent technical force at your disposal at company AGIROSSI.

We have the best workers for the best products!



Dienstag, April 24, 2012
Freitag, November 25, 2011

New catalogue for plunger cylinders "PL"  is set. download
Dienstag, Februar 8, 2011

In 2011, AGIROSSI sponsors Formula Student with its Micro-Z series.

Also in this year, students...


Mittwoch, Januar 19, 2011

New catalogue for "Micro-Z" is set.







Donnerstag, Dezember 2, 2010

New catalogue for "DWL - welded cylinder light series" is set.







Dienstag, September 7, 2010

Agirossi deposited his new general terms and conditions.

These are valid with immediate effect.

Dienstag, Januar 27, 2009

Catalogue is ready to download, status 30th of March in 2009.


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